Why Inhale, Exhale, Repeat?

We inhale and exhale to give ourselves another moment, another day, it is vital to our survival. Sometimes it’s easy to take advantage of, with it being so easy to do. What if it wasn’t though? Would you be more thankful for the little things? Would you appreciate a simple breath as it’s giving you life? If you had less power to give your body what it needs to survive how would you do so? This is where I struggle. My pancreases, kidney, spleen, liver, and most importantly lungs are severely compromised. I struggle for a simple breath sometimes, but every breathe is worth fighting for with my family and friends helping me strive for more tomorrows, as I fight for a lifetime. Inhale, exhale, and choose to repeat because every inhale and exhale wouldn’t feel as powerful or worthwhile without them.


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