Setting and Achieving Goals


Motivating and challenging ourselves to set and achieve goals is often easier than I think most people believe. I just finished a 2 week IV antibiotic course. I am determined to make it my last for as long as I am capable. Some of it is out of my control but, a lot of it is. I have always had a good hold on my illness and how it effects me and my daily life but, making time for myself and my needs is never easy, now that I am a mom. There is no doubt that being a mom is the most rewarding and extraordinary thing I have ever experienced. But it definitely takes a strain on my health at times. The most important thing I loose on a day to day is exercise for my lungs. I love hiking and it is my favorite way to give my lungs what they need to thrive. Unfortunately, I am unable to hike as regularly as I would like because I need to have someone who can carry Paisley in the ergo for me. Any one who’s a mom… I mean come on, do I even have to explain? Life is difficult in the best way possible and you are absolutely not the one who comes first anymore. It’s hard to find time for myself and its especially hard to find a balance with my illness. I feel I have done pretty well these past 2 and a half years but I want to strive to do better. There is always room to improve and I am making it my goal to do so.

As I walked up a steep hill with Kristin and Paisley on a hike yesterday afternoon I felt the heat defeating me sooner then I would have liked to admit. The humidity in the air was causing resistance in my breathing. Yes this is normal, for anybody. But it wasn’t usual for the distance I had gone. My lungs felt like they were growing smaller inside of me and I felt worried to continue the hike. Although a little discouraged, we cut the hike short. These are the areas I want to strengthen, my lungs and stamina. I want to take yesterdays experience to build a stronger future for myself. I know I can if I continue to challenge and motivate myself with everyday experiences. Whether they are mine or someone else’s. No mater what it is we can achieve whatever we believe in. We can as long as we have the motivation to take ourselves there.


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