Transplant is a scary word..



This morning started early and undoubtedly exhausting. My follow up appointment for my post 2 week antibiotic course was in Santa Barbra earlier this morning. When I arrived at my appointment we began with the usual pulmonary function test(PFT’s). This test shows how well my lungs are working. The test measures lung volume, capacity, and airway flow. The results were good and back to their baseline thankfully. After PFT’s I sat patiently and tired in a waiting room for my doctor. When he came in we talked about my progress since antibiotics, PFT results, how I’ve kept up with treatments, pills, and exercise. Which are all progressing, getting done, and moving in a positive direction. We also re-discussed liver and lung transplant. A few months ago I went through a 3 day evaluation at UCLA hospital to possibly be put on the liver transplant list. Although my liver disease is extensive, I was not a fit for their list. When recently in the hospital my alkaline phosphatase(ALP) was alarmingly high. ALP is number that directs liver disease. As a result of my liver disease, damaged liver cells release increased amounts of ALP into my blood. This concerned my doctor and he reconnected with the team at UCLA to have me seen by a Hepatologist(liver doctor). Luckily my ALP has slightly lowered since my lung infection was treated with antibiotics but, is still high. He also scheduled me to be seen with with a pulmonologist(lung doctor), who also works with lung transplant. My doctor wanted to get me evaluated, although he believes it is too early for transplant. He wants me to be introduced to both lung and liver transplant center so when transplant really does become a reality, I am already familiar with both centers. Both centers are affiliated together and when the time comes liver and lung transplant would likely be done at the same time. I sat in the chair at my doctors office wondering to myself if it was usual I didn’t find this conversation alarming. I thought to myself maybe it was because I found comfort knowing the reality of it wasn’t in my near future. Altogether I have greatfully improved and am feeling much better since the hospital.


When I decided to make a blog, one of the main reasons I wanted to do it was so my family and friends could have constant updates. To be aware of what was going on, personally and medically, not only in my life but also Paisleys. If anything I post is alarming or frighting you want more information please comment below. You might not be the only one with that question and I am more than happy to further explain.

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