Traveling with CF



Traveling isn’t something I do often and there are a lot of steps I need to take before hand. I am very excited to be going to visit my sister Savannah in Hawaii tomorrow bright and early. I have not flown in over 12 years and there are risks and precautions to take when traveling with CF by plane. I recently went through a workout and oxygen test to make sure my lungs could withstand the oxygen level and airflow within the plane. After passing that test and being told I didn’t need any oxygen while on the flight, I was relieved and felt good my lungs could handle the thin air on the plane. A major risk for anyone traveling by plane is the possibility of getting sick. This is especially dangerous for CF patients because our immune systems are already so weak. Something as simple as a cold could typically land someone with CF in the hospital, having to be treated with IV antibiotics. The only precaution to avoid this is pretty much to constantly sanitize and wear a vog mask (a filtered mask specially made to keep out bacterias and viruses). I am nervous but confident everything will workout. I am also very happy to have my best friend Dian by my side who is very familiar with my illness, medications, and precautions to take when needed. Hawaii here we come!


  1. Wish I would have known about this site before I finished my book. It is full of various stories about CF. In August, my fiction suspense book was published, and one of the character’s daughter is based on my best friend’s daughter who has CF. I watched her grow up, cried with my friend, cheered with my friend and just tried to be there for her. The book is a who-done-it, but I wanted to incorporate a CF character in order to bring awareness to CF and show the readers what a family can go through. There are so many different stories and details on this site that I’m thinking of incorporating another character with CF in my next book, which I am just beginning to write. I am amazed at how many readers tell me they had no idea what CF was really about. I am continuously trying to raise money and bring about awareness to children’s advocacy organizations and CF. The problem is that not many people are going to read your post unless they actually have CF or are very close to someone with CF. I clicked onto your story because I’m trying to devour everything on CF that I can in order to give an accurate portrayal. The more I read and follow people on here, the more there is to learn! We just need to keep pushing for a cure! I wish you soooooooo much luck!!! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Wow, it sounds like you are very involved which is really amazing. I couldn’t agree with you more, it’s not often someone knows what CF is and if they do it’s quiet unlikely they know the true obstacles and severity the illness can endure. I am so glad you came across my page and very pleased I could bring you more information about what CF might withhold for someone else living with the illness. I’m sure you know although there are many similarities with people living with CF, the severity of the illness can really affect each individual differently. Just like yourself I have continued to raise awareness and money for the foundation. Which is also what really inspired me to start my blog. Thanks for reading and responding! Good luck to you as well.


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