Memories, laughter, & Hawaii


My past weekend was full of sunny skies, clear blue waters, adventures, memories, and so much laughter; I’m surprised I don’t have a six pack. It was truly paradise. All these things were incredible, but what made the trip so memorable and special was seeing my sister. Not just seeing her but seeing how unexplainably happy she was. This paradise is her home and I don’t think she belongs anywhere else but in Hawaii right now. I’ve missed her so much over the past months,  that seeing her new home and sharing her new experiences made me feel a little closer to her. As we sat on the beach she looked at Dian and I and said “guys looks how amazing this is, this is my home!” with a smile on her face I will never forget; I couldn’t help but smile. We did lots of shopping on the Waikiki strip, spent endless hours on the beach till sunset, enjoyed the tropical island feel and explored the beauty North Shore has to offer, went on a booze cruise where we encountered sea turtles and an incredible veiw above and below the crystal blue waters, ate lots of delicious food, and most importantly made some unforgettable memories. I can’t wait until next time when I bring Paisley with me to explore. I was so relieved airport security and the flight went smoothly. It was a breeze flying there and back with no problems, which I am happy to know for future traveling.

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