Never the average common cold

Sunday morning after waking up I felt like I’d been hit hard with some type of virus or infection. My throat hurt, my sinuses were congested, and I was absolutely drained. I’ve spent the whole morning feeling worrisome. I think to myself I can’t get sick, I can’t and I won’t. I was just in the hospital 2 months ago, I can’t catch another lung infection! Unfortunately the “can’t” is easily transformed into can. Theres nothing stoping this inevitability especially in the world of a CFer. As the day went on I continued to feel worse. Thankfully Paisley’s Nonna came to my rescue to take paisley out for some fresh air while I stayed home and rested that afternoon. My sinus congestion lessened, which you would think that was a positive thing except that I could feel this moving into my lungs. My coughing drastically worsened and I quickly became short of breath. As I sat on the couch I took my breaths slowly and deep in and out, suddenly I abruptly began to cough, it was a dry painful cough that seemed to have no end or relief. As it continued between each coughing attack I quickly gasped for air my lungs so desperately needed and continued to cough. My face became bright red and I suddenly was up on 2 feet running to the bathroom with my hand over my mouth. As I approached the bathroom I swung the toilet seat open and threw up from coughing so much. I gasped in and out for air as quickly as I could until the coughing and vomiting continued. This was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. I felt like I was drowning, my heart was racing and I was doing everything in my power to control my coughing but my lungs were working overtime, which led them to work against me.

I wish I could say it was the only time it happened that evening but it was not. My lungs were strained my heart rate was up and my oxygen level was slightly below normal. Simply walking from the kitchen to sit down on the couch would cause these awful coughing attacks, or even sitting and talking I would easily begin to cough and quickly feel short of breath. I didn’t quite know what could be so drastically causing this but I knew this was out of my norm. I needed to get it checked out and possibly start some sort of antibiotics.

The next morning I called my doctor and got an appointment for later that afternoon. Thankfully I was already feeling slightly better Monday morning when I woke up. My lungs felt they were in less distress, my throat didn’t hurt nearly as bad, and I managed to get a good nights rest. After testing me for a virus and 2 coming back positive for rhinovirus or enterovirus, both typical viruses, my doctor prescribed an oral antibiotic and reminded me to take this time to get lots of rest, do treatments more frequently and remember my heath is priority, especially in the time of fighting an infection.

I’ve taken this week to focus on getting better while avoiding the hospital at all cost. I am currently still feeling tired and running fevers but I continue to slowly move in the right direction. This week I am feeling especially thankful for family’s support in these difficult times, an amazing doctor, nurses, care, and cf team always on my side.

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