Always unpredictable

If there is one thing for certain about my illness it’s that it can be very unpredictable. A week later from my last blog post about feeling better I sit in a dreadful, smokey waiting room in the ER of cottage hospital. The hours pass the room fills with more and more grumpy, unsatisfied, and impatient people. After 4 hours of breathing in the dreadful smoke sneaking in through the automatic sliding door in the ER. My lungs begin to feel more and more of an impact. I began coughing to the point of throwing up and couldn’t take it anymore. I finally asked to speak to a nurse and reminded them how detrimental sitting in this waiting room for 4 hours was. He apologized and shared his frustration taking me back into a room a few minutes later and started my admission into the hospital.

One day I can be feeling alright and the next day I feel like a truck hit me. The unexpected and unknown can be difficult but I’ve learned to accept and live with it. Expectations make hospital stays a lot easier. I am constantly preparing myself for a future my illness might have in store.

After beginning my admission they accessed my port for IV antibiotics, drew blood for routine levels, took a sputum test to see what infection(s) may be growing in my lungs, took me for X-Rays, and went over medications and a treatment plan. Not long after X-rays they were wanting a CT scan because the X-rays of my lungs had changed pretty drastically since my last hospital stay. After being taken to my CT scan I was off to the 3rd floor to get settled into my hospital room for the next few days.

Waking up on Friday morning I was relived to hear my CT didn’t come back abnormal and there was no major worry about the results the X-rays had given us. The plan now is to continue IV antibiotics over the weekend and discuss home IVs on Monday.

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