Family & Friends

When I first decided to make a blog and write about my life, I realized my life has impacted my family and friends. I have been lucky enough to have constant love and support from them since the beginning. I asked them a couple questions about how my illness effect them and here are some of my favorite responses.

How did your perspective on my illness change over time?
“Overtime I realized that your illness was something to embrace for our family. As I became more mature I realized that your illness brought out someone to look up to; it showed me how important a positive attitude is. Throughout your life you have managed to go to school, have friends, have a boyfriend, interact with your family and so much more. All together positive attitude has been an inspiration to me and our extended family as a whole. To focus more on the actual illness, throughout the years I have become more and more familiar with it. I know how serious it is and how it takes strength for someone to deal with in their lifetime.”

What are the positive and negative impacts that you have seen my illness have on my life and yours?
“I think that a positive is that you were able to have that miracle little Paisley. I know that it was a very hard process and extremely hard on you and others around you but it makes her that much more special to you and to all of us. (sometimes I think about stealing her but I wouldn’t do that to you). Negatively I think of the hardships and defeat that you face often, when you can’t keep from getting sick and have to go into the hospital o when you receive more bad news. I also think a positive is that your able to and going to share your story with others. I truly view you as an inspiration through your journey in life, your pregnancy and having a daughter too. Your illness is not talked about that much and I would love to hear about your personal experience and feelings rather than just what others have to say about it.

How has my illness impacted your life?
“It has impacted me MORE THAN YOU KNOW. It has shown me the strength that you have and I’ve admired you since we were children. You’ve always been someone that just made me so happy and one of my favorite people I grew up with yet you were dealing with a horrible disease that again you didn’t let define you. You and the way you deal with CF have shown me that anything is possible and love overcomes all. You’ve given me so much inspiration in never giving up on anything. “

Aunt Mary
What are the positive and negative impacts that you have seen my illness have on my life and yours?
“The negative impacts it might have on my life are somewhat insignificant when compared to the impact it has on yours. I can’t pretend to know how it feels to live the negative impacts and limitations that your illness poses on your life, because I am not you. The only thing I see is your attitude about what has been dealt to you and it amazes me how you get knocked down and get back up with an outward beautiful smile each time. When I tell people about you, I always find myself saying, “If you met Maddie, you would never know she was sick”. You have such a positive attitude that doesn’t seem to want people to feel sorry for you.”

Uncle Mike Gatto
What are the positive and negative impacts that you have seen my illness have on my life and yours?
“It has helped me put my life into perspective. You never give up and always keep fighting. If I am having a bad day I think of what a determined young lady you are. You are an inspiration to the entire family. When Mary and I talk to Allie and Anthony we use you as an example; “when you get knocked down, you get back up, every time!” I think your illness has helped you appreciate the little things in life a little more than the rest of us.”

Has there been a significant moment(s) that has affected you, regarding my health?
“Everything you do, every step you take, everything you write, every picture you take, everything you say, every breath you take, is significant to me. Including your illness. You live within me.”